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Raleigh-Durham International Airport (RDU) Ground Transportation To And From Pinehurst Area

Pinehurst, NC – Raleigh-Durham International Airport (RDU) Airport Ground Transportation Pricing – New! Effective  April 8th 2012 All-Points Personal Transportation (www.all-pointsnc.com) and All-Points Personal Transportation of Pinehurst (www.pinehurstairportshuttle.com)  will offer new pricing for our direct service to and from the greater Pinehurst area and Raleigh-Durham International airport.

Our Standard Services: In addition to being on-time for every reservation no matter the hour of the day we do not have any hidden fees or charges. Our pricing is transparent and guaranteed. Our pricing was set when fuel was $2.20 per gallon and due to the fluctuations in fuel prices we added a fuel surcharge which floats up and down with the price of fuel. Unlike our competitors we do not raise our base rates when fuel prices increase and ‘forget’ to lower them when prices drop. We do not automatically add a gratuity either. Our staff earns their gratuities every day by providing the highest level of service and this is a fairly significant portion of their earnings. It also provides us with an additional metric to monitor their commitment to client service. If they are not providing the absolute highest level of service they do not work for All-Points. Contact us at 1-877-836-9905.


  • All RDU Airport arrivals are met personally by your driver. The driver will be at the security exit with a sign bearing your name or the name of your group, company, or event. There is no extra charge for this service – personal service is our hallmark.
  • Guests do not need to call us upon arrival. As we track your flight using multiple real-time flight-tracking services we know when you will arrive before you do. You only need to call us if you miss your flight or change your flight.
  • Your driver will assist in carrying your bags to the vehicle.
  • The vehicle will be parked out of the elements to assure your comfort.
  • Bottle water service and personal moistened cotton hand towels await you. (These were once standard in First Class on the airlines you might recall!)
  • Complimentary use of 4G iPad to make the most of your time – please let us know if you would like this service when making your reservation.
  • If your bags are delayed when arriving we do not charge waiting time.
  • Service is provided for groups of all sizes arriving and departing at different times – the more complex your event the more reason to trust All-Points to deliver seamless personal service.
  • If you or your guests would like a special beverage to make the journey more comfortable please ask. We are in the business of fulfilling every clients’ special needs – just ask and it shall be done!


Standard Pricing: Our rates are determined by vehicle type, distance to the destination, and anticipated time en-route. Should conditions dictate that we send a more expensive vehicle there is no additional charge of course. Compare these rates to those offered by Pinehurst Resort Private Airport Transportation or any other service provider please! Contact us at 1-877-836-9905.


  • To or From Raleigh-Durham International Airport (RDU) and Pinehurst Village and Southern Pines: 1 – 4 passengers $ 155 plus prevailing fuel surcharge and gratuity at clients discretion. Discounts for round-trip if booked at same time. Includes all services outlined above.
  • To or From Raleigh-Durham International Airport (RDU) and Pinehurst Village and Southern Pines: 5 – 8 passengers $ 235.00 plus prevailing fuel surcharge and gratuity at clients discretion. Discounts for round-trip if booked at same time. Includes all services outlined above.
  • Hourly Rates: guests requiring a dedicated vehicle and driver are always available at an hourly rate. Your driver is there to serve as your personal valet and will gladly perform tasks as directed by the guest. Their mission is to make your trip as productive and enjoyable as possible.
  • Travel to or from other airports (Greensboro, Fayetteville, Sanford – Lee County Regional Airport) is always available.
  • Coastal, Long-Distance, and City to City travel: we travel wherever and whenever our guests desire. Emergency travel, short notice travel, car versus airline travel to be more productive in a quiet and comfortable environment is also offered.


All-Points Personal Transportation is in the ‘personal services’ business. We provide concierge service at no additional charge. We go the extra mile for every client and maintain a long-term view of our client relationships. Quite simply, we do not lose clients because we provide a level of service that no one comes close to at prices that are less than a taxi. How can we do this? Simple: we run a very tight business with the owners having hands-on daily interaction with staff and clients.


Personal Service is alive and well in North Carolina

Advance Reservations = Guaranteed Service

Contact us 24 hours a day at 1-877-836-9905 or 919-836-9900


The Enemy Within – Predators Taking Advantage of Our Troops

We at All-Points Personal Transportation are outraged at the way our Armed Forces personnel are taken advantage of by those who ‘seek to serve’ them. We see it every day near every military installation: crummy service, ridiculous prices, outrageous ‘pay-day loans’, and a general lack of respect for the fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, sisters, and brothers who signed on to serve our nation.

The troops, sailors, aircrews, and marines I have spoken with over the past few years each have endured a sort of second-class citizen treatment in and around our military bases: and I am sickened by it. Without these bases the people who make their livelihood from our troops would have no livelihood at all! How is it that they do not bend over backwards to help our troops in any way possible?

I applaud those citizens who go out of their way to treat our troops with the respect they deserve, and, I have never seen one of our service personnel treat any civilian with less than dignity and respect.

Over the past number of years we have seen a number of Transportation companies (Shuttles, Cabs, Taxis, Gypsies, and ‘Airporters’) charge outrageous prices to our troops while cramming them into unsafe, filthy vehicles, while making false promises of where they will be taken.

Here is a prime example for those of you who are coming to North Carolina to spend some time aboard Camp Lejeune. If you are flying in or out of Raleigh-Durham International Airport (RDU) you may not have been told that RDU is well over 120 miles away from Camp Lejeune. That’s a little more than 2.5 hours on a good day. Camp Lejeune is also a rather large piece of property – over 248 square miles and is also home to Camp Johnson, Camp Geiger, New River MCAS, and a number of other quaint places you will spend some time. When you are making your travel arrangements and speak to one of these ‘Transportation Experts’ who quote you a price and tell you that they go to ‘Camp Lejeune’ or ‘Jacksonville’ BEWARE!

Ask them ‘exactly where will I (or my son, daughter, husband, wife, or loved one) will be picked-up or dropped off? Chances are they will merely say ‘Camp Lejeune’ or if really pressed they will tell you the ‘Main Gate’. Sounds okay right? Wrong! When you have travelled halfway across the country or the world and have to report by midnight at Camp Geiger you will have a nice 12 mile hump to the Camp Geiger Gate! Going to Courthouse Bay? 22 miles to that Gate!

When you travel with All-Points we take you to your doorstep. Why? Because that is our Standard of Service that We owe You. Do we charge more for this? No, we do not. We charge by the size of the vehicle we need to get you and your bags safely and comfortably directly to your destination – your REAL destination. Granted, if you are travelling alone the fare is quite high due to the length of the trip, however, when you make a reservation with us we do our best to combine your reservation with your comrades and divide the cost equally between the group. We call the USO on the day of your arrival to advise the USO staff that we have at least one person headed down to Base so that they can advise other troops coming in that there will be a shared ride available. We then call 2 hours before your arrival, again an hour before your arrival, and we visit the USO when you arrive to see if there is anyone else who can ride along and split the ride. More often than not we end up making 4, 5, or 6 stops to deliver our troops to their doorstep on time safely and with the level of service they deserve.

So, before you get taken in by yet another predator please give us a call so we can do our best to serve you. If you make a reservation and find an alternative means of transportation 24 hours before your arrival we DO NOT charge you. Ever, period. And, we also offer you the ability to pay half on the day of your trip and the balance on payday.

Give us a call at 919-836-9900 and let us show you that we have the same pride and integrity in serving you as you do in serving this great country. Be assured – we will never let you down. We remember the sacrifices that you are making and the sacrifices of those who came before you.

We serve all military bases across the state and are ready to answer your call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We will always get you to your destination.

Thank you for your service. It will not be forgotten.  

How’s this for ‘service’?!