Corporate and Business Services

North Carolina’s All-Points Personal Transportation released details of its Corporate Ground Transportation Discount Program – 25% off of new clients first 10 trips


In an effort to continue All-Point’s growth in the business and corporate travel market in the greater Raleigh-Durham area the company announced today a new client incentive pricing program. The program provides new clients with a 25% discount on their first 10 trips. These savings, especially for an event can save thousands of dollars. According to Catherine Kerrigone, All-Point’s Co-Founder “Our growth has been outstanding despite continuing economic pressures. We founded this business during the beginning of the recession and attribute our growth to 3 key factors: outstanding personal service to our clients, common-sense pricing, and our commitment to the value of a long-term client relationship: once we engage with a client they remain with us for the long term. We have taken a novel approach to competing with the ‘national town car airport limousine industry’ which is very simple: establish a strong local presence with companies that flourish by being engaged with the local population and who understand that money invested with small local businesses strengthens their ties to the community. It is a four-fold win for our clients: they save money by working with a locally owned business which delivers more for less, they receive a higher level of service than the national firms can provide, their employees benefit from corporate pricing for their personal and family travel, and finally by spending in the local economy they help support the growth of the place that the company and its employees call ‘home’.


The concept is really very simple – by using locally-based service providers these firms support and encourage the growth of new and existing businesses which in turn increases employment, keeps money from migrating out of state, and above all else helps build the local economy without increasing costs. In fact, smaller businesses like All-Points are able to provide superior personal service at a lower cost than the huge national companies which continue to operate under the archaic ‘big is better’ business model. ‘All-Points Personal Transportation invested heavily in technology and local talent to build the backbone of the business which has paid off handsomely over the past few years. We have outstanding local knowledge, provide a level of personal service that is the exception rather than the rule, and we are able to structure our pricing so it is reasonable, straight-forward, and transparent.


“Why is All-Points offering a discounted pricing incentive to companies who still tend to pay top dollar for ground transportation?” From Kerrigone’s perspective the reasons are quite simple “There are a number of keys to business success which we focus on. Number one is never losing a client. We go to extreme lengths to preserve, enhance, and maintain our client relationships, while number two is adding new clients. We know that our focus on client service is second to none and as a result we do not lose clients. However, in today’s competitive marketplace we need to provide a compelling reason to prospective clients to try our services. Especially in these times price can be leveraged to give that prospective client a reason to try us once, and we have demonstrated that that is all we really need – try us once and they become long-term clients. Once they experience our level of service they remain with us for some very good business reasons. First though, we must provide a very compelling reason to try us, and price tends to be something that is quite compelling. After that the real work begins. Almost anyone can be good once; sustaining outstanding service levels over the long haul is where most companies fail. Our flat-rate, predictable pricing model avoids surprises for clients, but above all it is about delivering more for less.


All-Points recently opened 4 new markets as it continues to grow across the state. They are: All-Points Personal Transportation of Pinehurst (, All-Points Personal Transportation of Wake Forest (, All-Points Personal Transportation of Chapel Hill (, and Bald Head Island Express Shuttle (

For more information or to set up a corporate account to take advantage of this offer calls should be made directly to the company’s corporate headquarters in the Triangle.


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