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New Military Discount Airport Transportation – North Carolina

Effective April 7th All-Points Personal Transportation (  will be launching our new Discounted Armed Forces rate structure for travel between Raleigh-Durham International Airport (RDU), Fort Bragg, Seymour Johnson AFB, and the greater Jacksonville area (Camp Lejeune, Camp Geiger, MCAS New River, Camp Johnson).  Please continue reading to understand how we operate, and why we are really the only choice for ground transportation.

Why Us? :

  • We are on-time every time, we pick you up and drop you off at your address, NOT the main gate which means you do not have to take another taxi (unlike our competitors who tell you they go to a particular base – what they do not tell you unless you ask is that they are going to drop you at the Main Gate! For those going to Camp Lejeune you need to know that it is 22 miles from the Main Gate to Courthouse Bay for example. That’s a long hump after a 2 ½ hour trip in our clean and safe vehicles).
  • Our drivers speak English as their first language, they are dressed in a suit and tie, they carry your bags, and they are there to serve you: you serve our country, we serve you. It is our pleasure to serve you, so don’t feel bad when you see one of our drivers carrying your bags please!
  • Our vehicles are new, clean, meticulously maintained, and we even have seat belts for every passenger! We do not crowd you in the vehicle – we load it for safety and comfort. So, if there are 4 of you traveling with 3 bags each the Suburban will be full. If there are 6 of you on a 96 with one bag each you can ride in the Suburban in comfort.
  • We know that you sometimes find yourselves low on funds so we have devised a plan to help minimize the impact on your wallet. You may pay 50% of the fare when you book your reservation, 25% on the next payday, and the final 25% on the next payday. You must pay with your debit card, not a credit card.
  • Any doubts? Ask the USO  – we take care of our Armed Forces personnel like no one else.

Make a Reservation:

  • In order to accommodate all passengers in a timely and guaranteed manner you must make an advanced reservation. Please do so as soon as you book your airline tickets. This will guarantee you a seat as well as allow us to aggregate other troops going to the same location at the same time. Our objective is to lower the cost per person and this approach helps – in the past 6 months we have dropped the per-person fare by $15.00! Call 919-836-9900 to make your reservation.


  • RDU to/from Seymour Johnson AFB: $150.00 for the vehicle, or $60 per person whichever is greater. At $150.00 we do not make a profit but are willing to lose money on some trips and make it up on other trips. All in all this allows us to continue to drive down the cost per head.
  • RDU to/from Fort Bragg area: $150.00 for the vehicle, or $60 per person whichever is greater. At $150.00 we do not make a profit but are willing to lose money on some trips and make it up on other trips. All in all this allows us to continue to drive down the cost per head.
  • RDU to/from MCAS Cherry Point: $290.00 for the vehicle or $70.00 per person whichever is greater. At $290.00 we do not make a profit but are willing to lose money on some trips and make it up on other trips.
  • RDU to/from Camp Lejeune, Camp Geiger, Camp Johnson, MCAS New River: $290.00 for the vehicle or $70.00 per person whichever is greater. At $290.00 we do not make a profit but are willing to lose money on some trips and make it up on other trips.


  • Remember that we drop you right at your door so please confirm the address you are going to. If you cannot please let us know and we will find out for you.
  • Book your reservation as soon as you have your flight information. This allows us to book the next caller on your reservation which immediately drops the per person rate!
  • Please be sure to let us know how many bags you will have – this makes a difference on how many passengers we can comfortably accommodate.
  • We provide receipts for all transportation. While you normally do not get reimbursed for travel when on leave, you DO get reimbursed for virtually all other travel so be sure to keep your receipt and turn it is so you get reimbursed!
  • Please tell your friends and family about us. The greater the number of people we provide service to the sooner we can lower the cost per person. Ideally we would like to see the cost under $50.00 per person.
  • You can count on us to get you where you are going on-time, in comfort, and safely. Call us and we will help in any way we can.Another Hero

Southern Pines/Pinehurst Location Serves Ft. Bragg Too!

January 23, 2012 Pinehurst, NC

Fast growing executive transportation firm, All-Points Personal Transportation announced today the opening of its newest location to meet the growing demand for its ‘Customer Service First’ ground transportation services. This new office based in the Pinehurst North Carolina area will enable the firm to provide service to and from the areas many gold courses and resorts, including Pinehurst Village and the famous Pinehurst golf resort.

Since the company’s inception it has continued to enhance the personal service approach to serving corporate, business, government, and leisure travelers. ‘This new office will enable us to meet the growing demands of our clients as well as to provide our unique ‘Customer Service First’ to people who demand the highest level of personal service at affordable prices. The addition of this office strategically places All-Points close to one of our fastest growing markets. Over the past 18 months we have seen a huge increase in demand not only to visitors to Pinehurst but to residents of the area including Lillington, Fayetteville, Fort Bragg, Spring Lake, and Southern Pines, this is our fourth office and we are delighted with the results our team has produced and the trust which our clients place in us’, according to Gregg Kunz, All-Point’s CEO.

‘We launched this business while the recession was deepening but despite the tough economic climate, this area of the country continues to grow in population. Our core value of providing the absolute highest level of personal service in every aspect of our business has proven to be a welcome alternative in an industry rife with mediocrity. This focus on service has been the key to our success, Our growth has been fueled by a simple set of standards: a singular focus on the client at every point of contact, a long-term view of the client relationship ahead of short-term goals, always delivering on our commitments and never making a promise we cannot meet, providing affordable pricing with no surprises, maintaining a ‘no excuses’ policy for client satisfaction, and empowering all team members to do what is right for the client first and foremost.

Despite being a young company the management team of All-Points brings 40 years of corporate senior management and hospitality experience which ensures a very smooth running operation. In addition the company has been a productive member of the community providing free transportation to women undergoing treatment for breast cancer through the Pretty in Pink Foundation, serving our Armed Forces through discounted fares to their bases throughout North Carolina, and being an integral part of the Flight of Honor program delivering World War II veterans to Washington D.C. to visit the World War II memorial.

All-Points Personal Transportation is North Carolina’s premier provider of ground transportation serving the needs of business, corporate, and leisure travelers. They provide airport and executive transportation service to and from Raleigh-Durham International, other North Carolina Airports, and all North Carolina destinations while offering an unmatched level of personal service at affordable rates 24 hours a day, every day.  For more information, please visit or call 919-836-9900.

The Enemy Within – Predators Taking Advantage of Our Troops

We at All-Points Personal Transportation are outraged at the way our Armed Forces personnel are taken advantage of by those who ‘seek to serve’ them. We see it every day near every military installation: crummy service, ridiculous prices, outrageous ‘pay-day loans’, and a general lack of respect for the fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, sisters, and brothers who signed on to serve our nation.

The troops, sailors, aircrews, and marines I have spoken with over the past few years each have endured a sort of second-class citizen treatment in and around our military bases: and I am sickened by it. Without these bases the people who make their livelihood from our troops would have no livelihood at all! How is it that they do not bend over backwards to help our troops in any way possible?

I applaud those citizens who go out of their way to treat our troops with the respect they deserve, and, I have never seen one of our service personnel treat any civilian with less than dignity and respect.

Over the past number of years we have seen a number of Transportation companies (Shuttles, Cabs, Taxis, Gypsies, and ‘Airporters’) charge outrageous prices to our troops while cramming them into unsafe, filthy vehicles, while making false promises of where they will be taken.

Here is a prime example for those of you who are coming to North Carolina to spend some time aboard Camp Lejeune. If you are flying in or out of Raleigh-Durham International Airport (RDU) you may not have been told that RDU is well over 120 miles away from Camp Lejeune. That’s a little more than 2.5 hours on a good day. Camp Lejeune is also a rather large piece of property – over 248 square miles and is also home to Camp Johnson, Camp Geiger, New River MCAS, and a number of other quaint places you will spend some time. When you are making your travel arrangements and speak to one of these ‘Transportation Experts’ who quote you a price and tell you that they go to ‘Camp Lejeune’ or ‘Jacksonville’ BEWARE!

Ask them ‘exactly where will I (or my son, daughter, husband, wife, or loved one) will be picked-up or dropped off? Chances are they will merely say ‘Camp Lejeune’ or if really pressed they will tell you the ‘Main Gate’. Sounds okay right? Wrong! When you have travelled halfway across the country or the world and have to report by midnight at Camp Geiger you will have a nice 12 mile hump to the Camp Geiger Gate! Going to Courthouse Bay? 22 miles to that Gate!

When you travel with All-Points we take you to your doorstep. Why? Because that is our Standard of Service that We owe You. Do we charge more for this? No, we do not. We charge by the size of the vehicle we need to get you and your bags safely and comfortably directly to your destination – your REAL destination. Granted, if you are travelling alone the fare is quite high due to the length of the trip, however, when you make a reservation with us we do our best to combine your reservation with your comrades and divide the cost equally between the group. We call the USO on the day of your arrival to advise the USO staff that we have at least one person headed down to Base so that they can advise other troops coming in that there will be a shared ride available. We then call 2 hours before your arrival, again an hour before your arrival, and we visit the USO when you arrive to see if there is anyone else who can ride along and split the ride. More often than not we end up making 4, 5, or 6 stops to deliver our troops to their doorstep on time safely and with the level of service they deserve.

So, before you get taken in by yet another predator please give us a call so we can do our best to serve you. If you make a reservation and find an alternative means of transportation 24 hours before your arrival we DO NOT charge you. Ever, period. And, we also offer you the ability to pay half on the day of your trip and the balance on payday.

Give us a call at 919-836-9900 and let us show you that we have the same pride and integrity in serving you as you do in serving this great country. Be assured – we will never let you down. We remember the sacrifices that you are making and the sacrifices of those who came before you.

We serve all military bases across the state and are ready to answer your call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We will always get you to your destination.

Thank you for your service. It will not be forgotten.