Announcing: Service to and from the NC Coast

Effective May 29th All-Points will begin serving the Coastal areas of North Carolina to and from the Triangle.  Have a group of guests who require transportation to the Coast or to return to the Triangle to catch a flight from RDU? Do you have one too many cars at the beach? Perhaps you have invited your children’s friends down for a long weekend. What could be better than a relaxing ride down in your own vehicle while letting one of our professional drivers enjoy the company of 6 or 10 young adults for 3 hours? You’ll have greater peace of mind knowing that your child and their friends are not putting themselves at risk on the road nor will your beach home driveway look like a parking lot. Remember: All-Points will take you anywhere for any reason at any time.

We go anywhere at any time and can accommodate the most complicated transportation needs with our flexible fleet of new SUV’s and Vans. As always we charge strictly by the vehicle type rather than by the number of passengers. This means no guesswork and no surprises. Call the office to inquire about our rates and how we may help this summer to be as stress-free as possible.

To celebrate the expansion of our service area we will be at The Big Rock Blue Marlin tournament in Morehead City June 11-13 providing transportation for clients who have either pre-arranged service or who wish to enjoy an evening out without the worry of the ever-present DWI checkpoints. Look for an All-Points vehicle and ask one of our staff for a new Koozie to keep your favorite beverage cool!


One response to “Announcing: Service to and from the NC Coast

  1. Finally! no more 3 cars at the house in Emerald Isle. I was a little skeptical when I heard about this figuring it would be some old man driving a beat up wreck. Not so – our driver, a real Pro who recently completed his tour in Iraq (82nd Airborne!!) met our guests at RDU in a suit and tie and demonstrated exactly what they promise – on time, new vehicle, eager to serve, and insisted he carry their bags no less. Our guests had come from London to spend 10 days with us at our home. The driver even made the time to locate Wilburs to show them how good our Bar B Que is! This caused the trip to take an hour longer but the driver said it was fine and as guests of an existing All-Points client they did not charge even any wait time charges!

    So many businesses talk about service – All-Points delivers and provide 5-star service at reasonable rates in luxury vehicles. Next week they are brining my kids friends down to spend some time with us. All-Points is so eager to go the extra mile that we were flabergasted.
    You cannot go wrong – we are customers for life!

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